Precision Pathology

Shine the Light on a Cure

PPS’ Vicki Goebel heads up an event every year, working with children to create something beautiful to auction off. All proceeds go to benefit local programs and services.

The full article can be seen here, as featured in the San Antonio Magazine online.


How was the chandelier created?

We had an event called Wrangler Day back in June at Rio Cibolo Ranch (where the gala is being held) for all of the area pediatric cancer patients, some of whom are in remission and some of whom are still in treatment. They came out for a full day of hay rides, barge trips and all kinds of fun stuff. One of the activities was making an art project. We had 80 wine glasses. Everybody was asked to (use paint to) express what love and survival, or being healthy, meant to them. The chandelier was created by hanging the 80 wine glasses upside down from a large metal frame, with lights coming through the middle. It’s just gorgeous. Every time you look at it you see something different. It will be auctioned off on Saturday. It’s called “Shine the Light on a Cure.”

What do funds raised from the chandelier support?

It goes toward our local programs and services. We have a transportation program that takes people to doctor appointments and treatments. One of the hard things about navigating this disease is figuring out how to take care of yourself. Our transportation program is free. We also have a lot of recovery items—wigs and other things—at the office. We have a breast cancer support system called Reach to Recovery, where survivors mentor newly diagnosed patients. We have a call center in Austin that we help fund that’s 24/7 and will help you navigate questions about cancer. There are lots of programs. Last year, $50,000 was raised from the pediatric art project, a “Hearts of Hope” mural.