Did you know?

Precision Pathology is now offering Solid Tumor Genomic Testing for breast, gastric, esophageal, and colorectal Cancer?



Genomic Testing

Hi-Resolution (Hi-Res) HER2 Testing for Double Equivocal Breast Cancer


Genomic pathologist, Dr. Shelley Gunn, is available to discuss all cases with clinicians.  In keeping with our motto, "The Spirit of Excellence", our new DNA based test offerings are designed to support clinicians practicing Precision Medicine.  This personalized approach to testing enables an understanding of the patient's individual tumor biology at the genomic level.
  • Rapid TAT from FFPE tissue block to Actionable Results
  • Turnaround time for Hi-Res HER2 Testing is 10 - 14 days
  • DNA-based testing clinically indicated for high-risk breast cancers with equivocal results by IHC and FISH
  • FFPE Tissue from core biopsy or surgical excision
  • Technology ~IHC-Targeted DNA Microarray