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Precision Pathology is now offering Solid Tumor Genomic Testing for breast, gastric, esophageal and colorectal cancer.

Did you know that analyzing solid tumors at the genomic level can support oncologists in the practice of precision medicine?


Breast, Gastric and Esophageal Cancer

  • Precision Pathology Services is introducing Hi-Res HER2 for HER2 equivocal breast cancer.
  • Hi-Res Her2 is also validated for use in gastric, esophageal, and GEJ cancers.
  • Hi-Res HER2 testing can be performed on FFPE tissue from a core biopsy or surgical excision.


Colorectal Cancer

  • Per NCCN Guidelines, PPS is now screening all newly diagnosed colorectal cancers (CRCs) for microsatellite instability (MSI).
  • MSI testing identifies the approximately 15% of CRCs expected to be MSI positive (+).
  • MSI+ CRCs have a more favorable prognosis and respond differently to standard chemotherapeutic agents.
  • MSI+ tumors can also help identify the 1-3% of patients with inherited mutations of DNA mismatch repair genes, a condition known as Lynch Syndrome.
  • Patients with Lynch Syndrome have a higher incidence of developing tumors in multiple tissue types, including the uterus.

Requisition forms can be downloaded and specimen shipping boxes may be requested by calling our Client Services team at 210.646.0890.  Hi-Res HER2 testing is billable to insurance and PPS is contracted with over 300 insurance carriers.