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Did You Know? Specimen Processing and Turn Around Time

Did you know that each specimen that is received at Precision Pathology Services goes through these steps before the final report reaches your office:

  • Transfer - via Courier from place of origin
  • Accession – assigned a number and logged into our Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Specimen Gross – a visual description of the specimen as is appears upon receipt from the clinician.
  • Specimen Process – a 12 hour process in which the tissue is submitted to a series of chemicals that prepare the tissue for slide preparation.
  • Specimen Embed – Tissue is placed into a paraffin wax mold for cutting sections.
  • Microtomy – Tissue is sliced 4 microns (a red blood cell is 4 microns in diameter) thick and applied to a glass microscope slide.
  • Histological Stain – Tissue is stained to show the general histological morphology of the specimen. 
  • Pathology Read Out – Slides are examined by the primary Pathologist.
  • Quality Assurance – Specimen is re-read by a second Pathologist to verify the diagnosis.
  • Dictation - the patient’s case is dictated and sent to transcription.
  • Transcribe – The Transcriptionist transcribes the Pathologist’s dictation into the LIS Proofing – The report is carefully reviewed for errors by the Pathologist
  • Printing – The final report is signed with an electronic signature and printed.
  • Distribute – The final signed reports are distributed to the ordering physician, the clinic or surgery center and copied to the physicians who have been requested to receive a copy.

All within a 24 hour period!